Hypnosis Recordings

Anxiety Release

If you are experiencing feelings of hyper vigilance, irritability, restlessness, lack of concentration, racing or unwanted thoughts, overwhelm, stress or mind clutter this is for you.

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Confidence Activation

Have you been in a life’s loop of comparison, people pleasing, lacking self worth and struggling to make decisions with certainty? Are you ready to stop sabotaging your story with negative self talk? 

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Release Fear of Failure

Do you believe you don’t have the skills or knowledge to achieve the life you want? Do you ever procrastinate so deeply it impacts your ability to perform?

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Forgiveness Integration

Forgiveness is a powerful modality in our healing journey, it can also feel like the path with most resistance. Have you been holding space for your past hurt and trauma?

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Release Fear of Birth

Release fear and anxious thoughts in preparation for birth with this tranquil and relaxing hypnosis.

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Hypnosis Bundle

The hypnosis bundle includes Anxiety Release, Confidence Activation and Forgiveness Integration.

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