Inside Out Coaching with Kris



The people in my world know that Iā€™m here to call out their BS, ditch the people pleasing and self sabotage, and support them to break free of their limiting beliefs holding them back from stepping into their power.

The women I have worked with I have supported them to uncover their blind spots, clear limiting beliefs like fear, shame, guilt and sadness & become a master of their emotions to propel forward in life with confidence and conviction. See for yourself.

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Hypnosis Recordings

Whether you are ready to release your anxiety, reclaim your confidence or eliminate the fear of failure holding you back, hypnotherapy can help you to make firm changes fast.

As a Modern Therapeutic Hypnosis Practitioner, I will guide you into a calm and centred trance that can be used to reprogram the negative thoughts and behaviours that lie deep within you. Together, we’ll harness the power of your unconscious mind so that you can move forward.

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